Pine & Posey

Cultivating Joy

What brings you joy? You know, the belly-laughing, memory-making, warm-fuzzy kind of joy?

We live in a society and time where our phones can do almost everything for us – remind us of an event, order groceries, turn on the lights, show us what our friends are up to…

Easy right?!

We should have so much more time. More opportunities to spend with our important people. And more time to show how important they are to us. But do we?

Pine & Posey is all about cultivating more joy in our community by providing products and a space to share love, memories, and laughs. We grow flowers and trees, but our bigger mission is to cultivate joy in the midst of busy schedules and remember the value of each individual person in our community.

Our floral bouquets and arrangements should be bought with a smile in mind, a thank you to send, a gift of encouragement, an offer of a shoulder to cry on, or a space to fill with joy for by-passers. Our Christmas trees and wreaths should be picked and displayed with family and friends, enjoying time together and making joyful lasting memories.

Wow, that’s a lot of JOY!

It’s our dream to spread a little more joy to you in every season of life by offering fresh, locally grown cut flowers and Christmas trees (and maybe more in the future). Thank you for your support and we look forward to a long joyful relationship!

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